Corporations play an important role in conserving biodiversity

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Our mission is to encourage corporations to take a more active role in protecting global biodiversity BY SHARING BEST PRACTICES THAT ARE GOOD FOR BIODIVERSITY, WILDLIFE, and the bottom line.

Corporations are part of the solution to protect biodiversity

Biologists are alerting us to the fact that we’re experiencing major losses of wildlife habitat and biodiversity throughout the world.  Corporations, on the other hand, are expanding operations and hoping to grow.  It’s just a matter of time before the actions of corporations and biologists collide.  Corporations will soon face increasing stakeholder scrutiny and pressure to do their part to protect our planet’s biodiversity and wildlife.

Fortunately, conservation versus profit is not a zero-sum game where the winner takes all. There are many win-win scenarios that are good for business (e.g., reduced costs, reduced risk, and increased profits) and good for biodiversity (e.g. healthy species, populations, and ecosystems).

This website will showcase the many ways that corporations can and do play an active role in protecting our planet’s biodiversity. I will also share best practices that corporations may want to incorporate in their strategic planning and operations. Learn More